Here is a list of rules for ships, while building ships these rules must be followed AT ALL TIMES.

General Rules

  1. Your design must resemble a WW2 (or Pre-War) ship design. Although there are a couple of different designs, use your common sense. No stealth hulls, no crazy cubes, all-front turrets (Except stuff like the HMS Nelson) and whatnot.
  2. Equipment on your ship must ALWAYS be WW2-era or pre-war equipment. The VLS and CIWS were not invented yet. Modern weapons, however, can be used to resemble WW2-era guns such as the Mk-45 resembling the 5"/38 single-barreled gun.
  3. You are not allowed to criticize other's ships. Constructive criticism is good, however.
  4. When determining armor and speed of your ships, use common sense. Battlecruisers are faster due to decreased armor, escort carriers cannot outrun destroyers, and fleet carriers were called fleet carriers because they had the speed to keep up with the rest of the fleet.
  5. NO 53cm GUNS. Although it did exist, it was just a concept design.
  6. Take note that we're not in the modern era, AA GUNS ARE VERY IMPORTANT.

Main Armament

Note: Secondary armament and AA guns are not covered. You are free to add any secondary armament below the main armament's designated caliber, however don't spam them too much. 356mm guns are considered main armament. Armament here is counted by TURRETS, numbers denote MAXIMUM ARMAMENT.

- Battlehips
* Super-Battleship: 406mm-460mm
* Battleship: 356mm-406mm
* Dreadnought Battleship: 305mm-406mm
* Fast Battleship: 356mm-406mm
* Battlecruiser: 356mm-406mm
- Aircraft Carriers
* Fleet Carriers: 10 x Up To 127mm
* Aircraft Carriers: 8 x Up To 127mm
* Light Carriers: 4 x Up To 127mm
* Escort Carriers: 4 x Up To 127mm
- Cruisers
* Heavy Cruiser: 6 x 203mm-305mm OR 8 x 203mm
* Light Cruiser: 6 x 152mm-203mm OR 8 x 127mm (winkwink)
- Light Ships
* Destroyer: 6 x Up To 127mm
* Destroyer Escort: 4 x Up To 127mm
* Submarines: 2 x Up To 127mm