It is required of all fleets and members to follow the Fleet Guidelines.

Creating a Fleet

  • Anyone may create a fleet as long as they have sufficient experience. Inexperienced fleets WILL die.
  • You must be active. If your fleet is inactive, it WILL be vulnerable to enemy invasion without notice.
  • Your fleet MUST state whether it is Allied, Axis or neutral.
  • Use common sense, and don't create some weird boredom-busting fleet.
  • Don't create a duplicate of an existing fleet. Duplicates will be deleted without notice.
  • Try to keep your fleet as historically accurate as possible.

Fleet Rules

  • Respect all fleets, even at war.
  • Please put a description of your fleet on the page.
  • If your fleet is accepting members, please include a sign-up form.
  • You may declare war on anyone.
  • Members may defect from their fleets during war. In the same way, entire fleets can defect from alliances (Although it may be hard to join the opposite alliance).
  • Fleets deemed as inactive WILL be deleted or given away.